Specialized on Technology Consulting for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Life Sciences, our services span a broad range from technology scouting to advisory on management level. In the following, we provide you with a basic overview.

Technology assessment

For clients investigating latest technologies, we provide services to review, assess and evaluate them in the light of our requirements and available prerequisites. Based on our experiences, we ensure to investigate the subject of investigation from both the technical and economical perspective. On your behalf, we clarify details, conduct discussions on highly technical level and summarize the findings to a level of detail, that will allow you to take informed decisions.

Technical sales support

In B2B projects, we support technology providers in the communication with the customer, in pre-sales and for ongoing projects. With increasing complexity of your products, the communication requires multiple levels of details, to serve the needs of various stakeholders. Furthermore, we advise for projects, where especially software integration into existing architectures is required.

Software platforms

Today, various platforms of programmable logic controller, HMI/SCADA systems and data management are available. We support you in projects where heterogeneous software system must be introduced to existing architectures, or a platform transfer of the process automation systems are required.

Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)

The term Process Analytical Technology summarizes the concept and technologies to design, analyze and control the production processes by monitoring CPPs and CQAs. It was introduced by the FDA as an initiative to improve quality and efficiency of manufacturing processes, thereby minimize the loss of product in production. Based on our experiences, we consult you in the selection of PAT instrumentation, data management software, integration into process controls and design of a PAT architecture.

Patent analysis

To identify possible risks of patent infringement, considering own or third-party patents, we provide services for in-depth analysis of German and English language patents. This also includes the assessment of the underlying technologies or research to identify the state of the art. Naturally, these services can be provided jointly with your patent attorney.

IT Advisory

Information Technology is today’s key to improve internal processes, facilitate communication and exchange knowledge across borders. Based on our experience in IT solutions, we provide advisory for IT architectures, services and commercial as well as open-source solutions. Examples are collaboration platforms, network systems and security.

Strategy Consulting

We provide consulting services for business strategy, especially considering future technologies, strategic development of new skills for your teams and business processes.

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