List of Presentations

  • Sentronic PAT Meeting, Dresden, Germany, May 9th 2017: How to Minimize the Friction between Suppliers and Users
  • synTQ User Group Meeting, Baltimore, USA, Apr 25th 2017: The Role of the Machine Vendors in PAT Integration
  • Pharmtech & Ingredients, Moscow, Russia, Nov 23rd 2016: How to implement PAT for pharmaceutical production environments [pdf]
  • KORSCH International Seminar, Berlin, Germany, Sep 16th 2016: Drivers and Technologies for Continuous Manufacturing
  • ISPE Workshop PHARMA 2025, Basel, Switzerland, Apr 1st 2016: Case Study: “Closing the Loop using PAT: Application of Raman Spectroscopy to film coating processes”
  • APV Conference – Highly Potent Drug Products in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Nov 2015: Secondary Manufacturing in a Box – How continuous processing can facilitate containment for high-potent compounds
  • ISPE Workshop Pharma 2025, Leverkusen, Germany, Mar 2015: Von der Dosierung bis zum Coating – eine Gesamtlösung für die kontinuierliche Solida-Pharmafertigung

List of Publications

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